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Feel good Real food

We love to create the type of food that takes the stress out of mealtimes. That makes you feel great inside and out. That tastes incredible. And is sourced and packaged to minimise our environmental impact.

We all deserve a break sometimes. Feel good about it.

Why choose Realfood?

Real ingredients

The way all food should be

No preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners or flavour enhancers. Just clean, simple, wholefood ingredients.

High Nutritional value

better for you

Our meals are generally higher in protein, and lower in sugar, salt and fat than other prepared meals.

Tastes incredible

thoughtfully packaged

We use premium quality ingredients and our wonderful chefs work hard using traditional methods to prepare meals that are absolutely delicious.


Blog posts

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Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t eat well.


Let’s be honest - busy times can make us all turn to convenience food. But being busy doesn’t mean we can’t eat well....
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Gift parcels

Let someone know you are thinking of them. We now deliver beautiful food gifts to Northern Rivers, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Realfood parcels

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