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Storing your Realfood We are excited to introduce our new reusable Pyrex storage dishes, which we hope you will love ...

Menu for a late night supper

Before there was My Kitchen Rules, Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, there was the first ever television Chef….Xavier Marcel Boulstein.

Tips for reheating

It really is amazing that a lot of meals can be reheated, so they taste just as good as they did when they were freshly made. However, choosing the best method to bring meals back to their original yummy state can be a little confusing. Here’s our tips to help you figure out if you should reheat your food on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave.

Love those strawberries!

There is something very special about making homemade strawberry jam. Whether you pick your own strawberries or buy them at the market, turning strawberries into jam is so rewarding because the texture and taste is just delicious!  And I mean, how hard can it be?

Bunches of fresh herbs

How to get beautiful fresh herbs to last more than a few days in the fridge.

Turkish bread

One of life’s simple pleasures must be warm bread straight from the oven, with a dollop of butter and homemade strawberry jam.  Yummm! If you would like to have a go at making your own bread, I have included a recipe for Turkish Bread  which is very simple and works every time.  The total cost of the loaf is about $1.50 which is a bit of an incentive to give it a go. No need for any fancy equipment (just a bowl and your hands) and you will be able to enjoy it straight from the oven. Simple pleasure – nailed!

Stoked about stock

You probably know ‘layering’ clothes can be a great idea.  Using the same basic items (the perfect white tee) you can create so many great looks.  To me, homemade stock stashed in the freezer, is a bit like having an amazing white tee in your wardrobe.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit weird, but a lovely stock is sort of a basic ingredient that can turn a bland risotto or sauce into something amazing.  It’s the ‘layering’ of lots of subtle flavours that does the trick.

Risotto Rescue - Get into your happy place

You’ve had a great day!  You’re feeling good. Some mellow tunes are playing and you even feel like doing a little twirl on the way over to the fridge... You swing open the fridge door, ready to whip up something amazing for dinner.  The inside of the fridge stares blankly back at you. Times like this, are perfect for a Risotto Rescue!

A little breathing space

A helpful tip from a head chef, to give all of us dealing with a busy end of day routine, a little breathing space

Rosie and Steph

A bit more about eggs / Perfect Poached Eggs If you are trying to get the perfect 'poachy' you might have tried many tricks; vinegar in the water, slow boil, swirling the water with a spoon. Anything to try and get that beautiful, round poached egg...  

Welcome to Bryon Pantry

Ever wondered how to make beautiful, creamy scrambled eggs? I have always been passionate about enjoying good food and the great, creative process of cooking. To me, getting the hang of any cooking 'method' is the most important and interesting part of cooking and the way to get the best of the ingredients you have.  Making great scrambled eggs is a simple example of this.
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