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Tips for reheating

It really is amazing that a lot of meals can be reheated, so they taste just as good as they did when they were freshly made. However, choosing the best method to bring meals back to their original yummy state can be a little confusing.

Here’s our tips to help you figure out if you should reheat your food on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave.

The summary below is based on an article from, with a few special Byron Pantry edits:

  • Foods to Reheat in the Oven - A conventional oven is my favourite way to reheat because it provides even, gentle heating. To stop the food drying out, cover it with foil and set the oven at a low temperature (140 to 160 degrees). It might take a little time, but generally, you can get on with something else and just check on the food every now and then.

These are foods that reheat well in an oven:

Crusty breads: Refresh that French bread so it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with just five to 10 minutes in a warm oven (about 350°F). More: The Best Ways to Store & Reheat Bread: Advice from a Baker

Fried or crumbed foods: Fried foods have the best chance of re-crisping in the dry heat of an oven or toaster oven. Breaded ingredients should also be reheated here.

Baked goods. Pies, muffins, tarts: reheat best in an oven so they don’t get soggy. You can also give slightly stale baked goods new life with just a few minutes in the oven. (The heat softens the starch grains which go hard after a couple of days).

Roasted or grilled meats: Reheat chicken and other meats in the oven, as the even heating means the meats won’t overcook or dry out.

Seafood: Overcooked seafood is unpleasant, so don’t try to zap it in the microwave. Heat low and slow until just heated through.

Pizza: If you have a lot of pizza to reheat, stick with the oven. (If you just have a slice or two, try our stovetop method below.)

Grilled sandwiches: Leftover grilled cheese or panini heated up in the oven can be crisp on the outside but warmed through on the inside.

  • Foods to Reheat in the Microwave

The microwave is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to heat or reheat food, but the texture of some foods can suffer in the process. Foods that don’t have a crisp crust generally reheat well in a microwave:

  • Soups
  • Sautes and stir fries
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Rice, pasta, noodles
  • Casseroles

When reheating food in a microwave, stir every so often to promote even heating, as there are usually hot spots even in microwaves with turntables.

  • Foods to Reheat on the Stovetop

Reheating on the stovetop is a great way to return a lot of foods close to their original texture, especially things with a lot of moisture like soups and stews. Stick to low to medium heat, and stir often to promote even heating.

When reheating on the stove, choose the right cookware for the food you’re reheating:

Soups, stews - With these foods that contain a lot of moisture, a saucepan or pot with a lid will do the trick.

Pizza - If you’re just heating a slice or two of pizza, throwing it into a frying pan with a lid will yield a crisp crust and oozy cheese.

Rice, pasta, and noodles - I love reheating these things on the stove in a saucepan, but they usually need a splash of water to add a little moisture back in.

Sautes and stir-fries - A shallow pan or frying pan over low heat does a great job of reheating these dishes.

Meat - Get some delicious seared meat flavor by reheating meat over relatively high heat in a cast iron pan. Turn it frequently so it doesn’t overcook.

Steamed foods -  The best place to reheat steamed food, like steamed fish or dim sum, is to put it back in a steamer so the food is exposed to moisture again while it’s reheating.

Byron Pantry meals are made to be reheated, and each meal comes with specific heating instructions. However, I would love to hear from you if you have any problems.

I hope these tips help you to reheat lots of things (not just Byron Pantry meals) with confidence.


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