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Bunches of fresh herbs

10 March 2019


Bunches of lovely fresh herbs 

You’re whipping around the supermarket and as you head over to grab some tomatoes, the beautiful heady fragrance of fresh basil makes you stop and turn your head.  The basil looks magnificent. Quickly thinking of all things that are great with a touch of fresh basil, you instinctively grab a bunch and toss it in the trolley. 

The basil gets put in the fridge (still in it’s plastic wrap) with all the other vegies, and is a little bit forgotten until 3 or 4 days later, you go searching for it to finish off your beautiful pasta. Hmmm… what happened to the heady fragrance and fresh green leaves??!  

I absolutely LOVE cooking with fresh herbs but it took many years of throwing bunches of herbs straight into the compost, until I finally figured out how to get them to last up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Many people might already know this, but for those of you still in the dark, here’s how to make the most of those beautiful herbs: 

  •  Find a large container with an airtight lid, so you can lay the herbs flat.
  • Dampen a cotton or linen cloth and lay half on the bottom of the container (A tea towel will do, just run it under the tap and wring it out well).
  • Take your herbs out of any plastic wrap they are in and lay them on top of the cloth.
  • Gently fold the other half of the cloth over the top (you are sort of tucking them in).
  • Put the plastic lid on the container and keep it in the fridge.

 You will be surprised at how long the herbs will last! Make sure you throw out those that are starting to wither, and regularly replace the cloth and rinse out the container.





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