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Menu for a late night supper

Before there was My Kitchen Rules, Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, there was the first ever television Chef….Xavier Marcel Boulstein. Boulstein was a French born, British chef who ran a popular restaurant in London in the 1920’s. He also ran cooking courses, wrote cookbooks and appeared on the BBC in its earliest experimental days in 1937.

I came across one of his cookbooks, first published in 1923 and loved reading it. Simple, honest recipes – with hardly any quantities except for a glug, a dash or a pinch!

I just had to share a lovely excerpt at the end:

 A menu for a Late Supper

“Nothing better, say at 3 o’clock in the morning, than boiling a hot soupe au choux and cold meat, with a very fresh, crisp salad. And you should drink it with one of those little white or pink wines from Anjou or Touraine, which have such a pleasant sharp taste. Strong, black coffee on the top of it and you will feel ready to start again, whatever you may have been doing, or walk home all the way.”

This made me smile and think about how good leftovers are when you have the unexpected munchies. It also provided the inspiration our new Cheesy Crushed Potatoes. They’re pretty good heated in the conventional way, but pan fried in a little butter until crispy??  A late night supper even Boulstein would approve of!


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