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Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t eat well.


Let’s be honest - busy times can make us all turn to convenience food. But being busy doesn’t mean we can’t eat well.

Why choose Realfood Byron?

Our goal at Realfood Byron is to provide the support you need to eat well, even when life is throwing you a few curve balls. We pride ourselves on our whole foods menu which contains recipes exploding with nutritional value and taste. We have been working closely over summer with our lovely Dietician, Izy, who we are lucky to have visit from New Zealand. Izy has been busy taking a closer look at the nutritional content of our meals and has been impressed by the results. Here is a little summary of what she found:

Our meals are sourced and prepared on-site by our own chefs meaning each meal is made from fresh high-quality ingredients. The meals have not been processed - therefore are low in salt for heart health and have no additional food additives. Cooking methods such as boiling, baking and grilling are also used to reduce the calorie content. Our dishes are bursting with a variety of vegetables enhancing the fibre, vitamin and mineral content of the meal and help you to reach your daily vegetable intake. Lean meat is used as a good source of protein while reducing the number of calories and fat found in non-lean meats. Additionally, other protein sources are added to vegetarian meals and fish is available on the menu which is a great source of omega 3. Most of our meals are accompanied with a carbohydrate which is a good source of fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Spices and herbs are used to naturally enhance the flavour rather than salt.

In comparison pre-made processed foods can be high in calories, fat, sugar and salt but low in vitamins, minerals and fibre. For example, when the nutritional content of the Realfood’s Really Big Chicken Pie was compared to a supermarket brand, they both had a similar low fat and sugar content but the Realfood Big Chicken Pie has a lower calorie and salt content and a much high protein content with no additional food additives.

When it comes to convenience food, you can play an important role in choosing what you spend your money and calories on. You can feel confident that the meals from Realfood Byron are high in nutritional content and quality, and are offered in a satisfying serving size. When life gets busy, get real. 

Realfood Byron - Really Big Chicken Pie:


 Supermarket chicken pie:


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